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Chiro UE4

"Chiro UE4" is a Blender add-on for skinning with Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin armature.


Who is it for

  • 3D Artists, who want to skin their characters with the Mannequin skeleton
  • Indie Game Developers, who want an easy way to swap an armature of a mesh with the Mannequin skeleton

Why we need it

  • animation created for Mannequin may be reused
  • blueprints created for Mannequin may be reused
  • Mannequin skeleton may be reused

What it gives you

  • Free software (as in freedom)
  • Skinning with Mannequin compatible armatures
  • FBX export made easy (with correct scale)
  • Mixamo to Mannequin skeleton transformations automation
  • A bunch of automations

What it does not do

The primary goal of this add-on is to make Skinning easy. If you need to animate your characters, you should consider using EpicGames Blender Tools for that (e.g. Unreal to Rigify).

Blender compatibility

Requires 2.8x or 2.9x
Tested with 2.83 LTS and 2.90

Found a bug?

Create a new GitHub Issue.

Need help?

Raise a GitHub issue or try asking in the matrix channel.

Want to help?

We believe that artists should have access to free (as in freedom) and open-source software of high quality.
If you want to support our cause, you could

  • Give us a star on GitHub
  • Let us know how we could make it better via GitHub Issues
  • Tell others about the add-on and what it does
  • Consider buying us coffee or donate via Ko-fi

Good luck!

We wish this project can serve you well, creative person. Go, make the world a little better!